Thank you very much for being a great piano teacher! Have an enjoyable summer.

-Andrew, 7 year old student


Bassem is not just an amazing instructor but also an amazing person. He establishes a genuine friendly atmosphere in day one… Always encourages to push yourself. I had zero experience in music when I started taking his lessons and improved so much in a short span. Surely they were one of my most enjoyable learning experiences.

– Prithu, Software Engineer


Bassem is really the best piano teacher I have met. The knowledge he taught me is like opening a window and letting me see the beauty of music that make me stay passionate about it, not deterred by hours of tedious practice

-Yao, Undergraduate Pharmacy Student


It was really pleasure for us to have you as a piano tutor, wish we knew you earlier.

-Parent of Nader, 7 year old student


Thanks so much for all your patience and guidance this summer- I had lots of fun!

-Oana, Lawyer

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