Bassem started playing the piano at the age of 7 when he joined the Cairo Conservatory for four years. Later he also started playing by ear. Since he was in middle school, he has been playing in church. In 1998 while he was studying Mass Com at Cairo University (class of 2001), he finished grade 8 in classical piano from the ABRSM (equivalent to gr 10 RCM)  & grade 5 in theory of music. By that time he started studying jazz. In 2000, a year before graduating from college, he played his first gig with a jazz quartet in Semiramis Intercontinental. Since that time he has played in a lot of different venues with most jazz singers & musicians in the jazz scene in Egypt. He played regularly for over 4 years with Michelle Rounds. He also performed with Amy Frega, Noha Fekry, Shady El Qasseer, Adham Roshdy, Ahmed Harfoush and many more. In addition to playing Jazz, he plays pop and Arabic oriental music and he likes to fuse those genres. He started teaching piano before he graduated from high school. He has been writing songs for over twenty years.