“Do you know anybody who wants to take guitar lessons?”

Bassem was asked this question by Martin, his friend in high school who played the guitar. After this conversation took place back in 1994, Bassem considered teaching piano. He has been playing for around 10 years and after getting encouragement from his teacher, the journey soon began.

Towards the end of university, Bassem began playing music professionally. Bassem is a pianist, songwriter, and teacher. Teaching is the one thing he has the longest experience in.

He teaches classical piano for beginners. He also teaches pop and jazz for beginner and advanced students.

He’s exceptionally creative and a lot of fun!

He has taught students from all backgrounds and skill levels. A lot of adults as well.

Below is a couple of videos of him playing in a teachers’ concert in Modern English School where he taught for 7 years.


Thank you very much for being a great piano teacher! Have an enjoyable summer.

-Andrew, 7 year old student


Bassem is not just an amazing instructor but also an amazing person. He establishes a genuine friendly atmosphere in day one… Always encourages to push yourself. I had zero experience in music when I started taking his lessons and improved so much in a short span. Surely they were one of my most enjoyable learning experiences.

– Prithu, Software Engineer


Bassem is really the best piano teacher I have met. The knowledge he taught me is like opening a window and letting me see the beauty of music that make me stay passionate about it, not deterred by hours of tedious practice

-Yao, Undergraduate Pharmacy Student


It was really pleasure for us to have you as a piano tutor, wish we knew you earlier.

-Parent of Nader, 7 year old student


Thanks so much for all your patience and guidance this summer- I had lots of fun!

-Oana, Lawyer