Bassem has been playing Jazz Piano since 2000. Occasionally, he played Arabic Jazz fusion or Oriental piano, particularly in Ramadan. On a regular basis, he played Jazz in venues in Cairo, Egypt such as the Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel, the Nile Kempinski, the Semiramis Intercontinental Cairo, Intercontinental City Stars, and the Four Seasons Hotels (Giza and Nile Plaza). He performed on occasions in other venues in Cairo such as Cairo Jazz Club, El Saqia Cultural Wheel, The room, and the Cairo Opera House to name a few.

Bèro and Bassem’s Arabic Jazz duet

Bèro and Bassem are Vancouver based musicians. Bèro plays the Oud and Bassem plays the piano. Bèro and Bassem play a mix of jazz standards, Arabic folk and pop music in addition to some of Bassem’s originals.

Bèro and Bassem’s music encompasses three distinct types:

  • Western meets Arabic. This broad western category includes jazz standards and adult contemporary with an Arabic influence. Their repertoire includes Sway, Autumn leaves, Besame Mucho and more.
  • Arabic with a Jazz twist. This local Arabic music with a distinctive Jazz twist. They perform infamous Arabic music for the classical singers Umm Kulthum and Fairuz (best selling Middle-Eastern Artists), folk music by Sayed Darwish (considered father of Egyptian pop) and contemporary music such as Amr Diab’s. Their repertoire includes songs like tel’et ya mahla nourha, rag’een ya hawa and Zorony kol sanna marra.
  • Bassem’s originals. The third type of music is Bassem’s original music that fuses Arabic pop and jazz. Favourite songs include la mesh hasibak la (no I will not forsake you), Ana as’ad wahed fel Donia (I’m the happiest man on earth, his wedding song), and Ana Ha’dar asbor (yes, I can wait). Some of Bassem’s originals have been performed with a more Arabic pop interpretation such as his wedding song.

Below are some of our popular performances.




TEL’ET YA MAHLA NOURHA (طلعت يا محلا نورها)

Tel’et ya mahla nourha was composed by Sayed Darwish (considered Father of Egyptian pop) at the start of 1900s. Here is a link to one of the early performances of the original song.


I’M THE HAPPIEST MAN ON EARTH (أنا أسعد واحد في الدنيا )

Bassem wrote this song for Mary, his bride, on their wedding day. This is a link to the live (sung) performance.


RAJ’IEN YA HAWA راجعين يا هوى

Music by Rahbani Brothers. It was first released in 1974 by and sung by Fairouz.



Art Alert: Michelle Rounds Jazz Project at Cairo’s ROOM Art Space

The project features jazz vocalist Michelle Rounds, keyboardist Bassem Mofeed Ghabrous and percussionist Ayman Mabrouk

Ahram Online , Sunday 4 Sep 2016
Michelle Rounds Project

(Photo: Fragment from promotional material)
Views: 1949

Cairo’s ROOM Art Space is scheduled to host the Michelle Rounds Project on Friday 9 September.

The project is “an interactive concert medium” featuring “authentic jazz music,” according to the event description on Facebook.

It features Egypt-based jazz vocalist and composer Michelle Rounds along with Bassem Mofeed on keys and Ayman Mabrouk on percussion.

Friday 9 September, 8pm
ROOM Art Space, 10 Etehaad El-Mohamin Street, Garden City, Cairo

Ahram Online , Sunday 4 Sep 2016